Amarin Syrup

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Pheniramine Maleate Injection Solution: Except in life threatening conditions, the initial dose should be kept as low as possible: particularly in small children, a daily dose of 3 mg active substance per kg body weight should not be exceeded.

The following doses are administered once or twice daily:
Adults and Young people aged 12 years or over: 1.0-2.0 ml IV/IM.
Children aged 1-2 years (about 11-14 kg body weight): 0.5-0.7 ml IM only
Children aged 3-5 years (about 20 kg body weight): 0.8-1.3 ml IM only
Children aged 6-11 years (upto about 25 kg body weight): 1.0-1.5 ml IM only
Pheniramine Maleate Injection (45.5 mg/2 ml): This is administered to adults and young people aged 12 years or over either slowly by intravenous route (1 ml per minute) or intramuscularly. To infants and children up to 12 years old the injection must only be given intramuscularly. The recommended dose may be repeated at 12 hourly intervals until acute symptoms have subsided. Pheniramine Maleate can be combined with commercial calcium preparations but the compatibility should be tested in individual case.

Pheniramine Maleate Tablet (22.7 mg): In adults and young people of over 12 years of age it is advisable to begin treatment with 1 tablet 2-3 times daily after meals. If necessary, the daily dose may be increased to 2 tablets 3 times daily from the second day of treatment onwards.

Pheniramine Maleate Syrup (15 mg/5 ml): is particularly suitable for children. Children aged 1-3 years should receive half a measuring spoonful two or three times daily; children aged 4-12 years, 1 measuring spoonful 2 or 3 times daily; adults and young people 1-2 measuring spoonful of syrup twice or three times a day after meals. A daily dose of 3 mg/kg body weight must not be exceeded. Diabetics must bear in mind that Pheniramine Maleate Syrup contains carbohydrates which are equivalent to 1.75 gm glucose per measuring spoonful (5 ml)

Pheniramine Maleate Retard Tablet (75 mg): The coated tablets have a prolonged action. In most adults and adolescent over 12 years of age 1 coated tablet taken after supper is sufficient to produce an antihistaminic effect that for up to 24 hours. Only in very resistant cases will it be necessary to give an additional coated tablet in the morning after breakfast. The tablets are swallowed whole with a little liquid.

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