Amistar Injection

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(in Injection form)

Adults and children: 15mg/kg/day in two equally divided doses (equivalent to 500 mg bid. in adults): use of the 100mg/2ml strength is recommended for children for the accurate measurement of the appropriate dose.
Neonates and premature infants: An initial loading dose of 10mg/kg followed by 15mg/kg/day in two equally divided doses. Life-threatening infections and/or those caused by Pseudomonas: The adult dose may be increased to 500 mg every eight hours but should neither exceed 1.5g/day nor be administered for a period longer than 10 days. A maximum total adult dose of 15g should not be exceeded. Urinary tract infections (other than Pseudomonas infections): 7.5mg/kg/day in two equally divided doses (equivalent to 250 mg bid. in adults)

Manufacturer: Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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