Anespine Intraspinal Injection

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Bupivacaine Hydrochloride + Dextrose
(in injection form)

Spinal anesthesia for surgery: 2-4 ml (10-20 mg Bupivacaine Hydrochloride). The spread of anesthesia obtained with Anespine? depends on several factors including the volume of solution and the position of the patient during and following the injection. When injected in the L3-L4 intervertebral space with the patient in n the sitting position, 3 ml of Anespine? spreads to the T7-T10 spinal segments. With the patient receiving the injection in the horizontal position and then turned supine, the blockade spreads to T4-T7 spinal segments. It should be understood that the level of spinal anesthesia achieved with any local anesthetic can be unpredictable in a given patient.
The effects of Anespine? exceeding 4 ml have not yet been studied and such volumes can therefore not be recommended.

Manufacturer: Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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