Candoral Oral Gel

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For oral administration: Dosage is based on 15 mg/kg/day.
Adults: 1-2 tea-spoonfuls of gel four times daily
Children aged 6 years and over: One tea-spoonful of gel four times daily
Children aged 2-6 years: One tea-spoonful of gel twice daily
Infants under 2 years: Half tea-spoonful of gel twice daily.
For localised lesions of the mouth: A small amount of gel may be applied directly to the affected area with a clean finger. For topical treatment of the oropharynx, the gel should be kept in the mouth for as long as possible. Treatment should be continued for up to 2 days after the symptoms have cleared.

For oral candidasis, dental prostheses: Should be removed at night and brushed with the gel.

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