Carbestop injection

1. Abortion and Indications 1–4
An initial dose of 1 ml of Carbestop (containing the equivalent of 250 mcg of Carboprost) is to be administered intramuscularly. Subsequent doses of 250 mcg should be administered at 1½ to 3½ hour intervals depending on uterine response.
An optional test dose of 100 mcg (0.4 ml) may be administered initially. The dose may be increased to 500 micrograms (2 ml) if uterine contractility is judged to be inadequate after several doses of 250 mcg (1 ml).
The total dose administered of Carbestop should not exceed 12 mg and continuous administration of the drug for more than 2 days is not recommended.
2. For Refractory Postpartum Uterine Bleeding:
An initial dose of 250 mcg of Carbestop (1 ml) is to be given deep, intramuscularly (IM).
If needed the dose of 1 ml may be repeated between 15 to 90 minutes. The total dose of Carbestop should not exceed 2 mg (8 doses).

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