Clindacin IM/IV Injection 150 mg/ml

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Severe anaerobic infections:
Adult: 150-300 mg 6 hourly, up to 450 mg in severe infections. Max: 1.8 g/day.
Child: 3-6 mg/kg 6 hourly.
Severe anaerobic infections:
Adult: 0.6-2.7 g daily in 2-4 divided doses, increased to 4.8 g daily in life-threatening infections. Infuse IV admin over 10-60 min and at a rate of ≤30 mg/min. Single dose of IM inj should not exceed 600 mg nor is admin of above 1.2 g in a single 1 hour infusion.
Child: >1 month 15-25 mg/kg daily in 3 or 4 divided doses; in severe infections, increase to 40 mg/kg daily and a min dose of 300 mg daily should be given regardless of body wt.
Adult: As 1% preparation: Apply a thin layer onto affected area bid.
Bacterial vaginosis:
Adult: As pessary or 2% cream: 100 mg at bedtime for 3-7 days.

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