Clobederm Ointment

Topical cream/ ointment: Clobetasol should be applied with gentle rubbing to the affected skin areas twice daily. Dosage should not normally exceed 50 gm/ week and the duration of a course should not be more than 4 weeks. The potency can further enhanced by the use of occlusive dressing.

Scalp Solution: Apply required quantity of spray of Clobetasol Scalp Solution once or twice daily to the affected areas of the scalp and gently rub in. The total dose applied should not exceed 50 ml weekly. If necessary, Clobetasol Scalp Solution may be massaged into the scalp using the tips of the fingers. Therapy should be discontinued if no response is noted after one week or as soon as the lesion heals. It is advisable to use Clobetasol Scalp Solution for brief periods only.