Cosmotrin Cream

৳ 45.00


Mottled hyperpigmentation, roughness and fine wrinkling of photodamaged skin: As 0.02 or 0.05% cream: Apply a pea-sized amount onto entire face once daily at night. Therapeutic response may be seen after 6 mth.

Acne vulgaris: As 0.01-0.1% cream/ gel/ alcoholic soln: Apply once or bid, usually at bedtime, onto affected area which has been previously cleansed to remove excessive oiliness and dried. Therapeutic response may be seen after 6-8 wk.

Acute promyelocytic leukaemia:
Adult: Remission induction: 45 mg/m2 daily in 2 divided doses. Treatment is continued until 30 days after complete remission or up to 90 days, whichever occurs first.
Child: Remission induction: 1-16 yr Same as adult dose.