Dancel Scalp Shampoo 60 ml

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Fungal infections:
Adult: 200 mg once daily; may increase to 400 mg once daily if clinical response is insufficient. Continue treatment until symptoms have cleared and cultures have become negative.
Child: ≥2 yr 3.3-6.6 mg/kg once daily. Treatment duration: 1-2 wk for candidiasis; at least 4 wk in recalcitrant dermatophyte infections and up to 6 mth for other systemic mycoses.
Elderly: No dosage adjustment needed.

Topical (Adult)-
Pityriasis versicolor, Skin fungal infections:
As 2% cream: Apply 1-2 times daily to cover affected and surrounding area until at least a few days after disappearance of symptoms.
As 2% shampoo: Apply on scalp once daily for up to 5 days. For prophylaxis: As 2% shampoo, use once daily for a max of 3 days before exposure to sunlight.
Seborrhoeic dermatitis:
As 2% foam: Apply to the affected area bid for 4 wk.
As 1 or 2% shampoo: Apply on the scalp twice wkly for 2-4 wk. For prophylaxis: As 2% shampoo, use once every 1-2 wk.

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