Dermasim Cream 15 g

৳ 40.00

Wash skin with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of the cream or solution 2-3 times daily and gently massage over affected area as directed by the doctor. For Athlete’s foot, pay special attention to the spaces between the toes. Best results in Athlete’s foot and ringworm are usually obtained with 4 weeks use of this product. The cream should be applied two or three times daily for one month or for at least two weeks after the disappearance of all signs of infection. If satisfactory results have not occurred within these times consultation with doctor is essential. For best results, follow directions and continue treatment for length of time indicated. The duration of treatment varies; it depends among other factors on the extent and localization of the disease.

Recommended duration of treatment :
Dermatomycoses: 3-4 weeks
Candida vulvitis and candida balanitis: 1-2 weeks
Erythrasma and pityriasis versicolor (approx.): 3 weeks
In fungal infection of the feet, to prevent relapses: Treatment should be continued for about 2 weeks beyond the disappearance of all signs of disease.
Clotrimazole cream is odourless, can be washed off and does not stain.

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