Elimate Cream 30 gm

৳ 40.00

Topical/Cutaneous (Adult)-

Scabies: Apply a thin layer of 5% cream into all skin surfaces from the neck to toes. Wash off after 8-14 hr. 30 g of cream is usually sufficient for an average adult.

Head pediculosis: Apply 30-60 ml of 1% lotion (cream rinse) to washed and towel-dried hair and allow to remain for 10 min. Rinse with water. Treatment may be repeated after 7-10 days if lice or nits are detected in hair-scalp junctions.

Pediculosis pubis: Apply sufficient amount of 1% lotion (cream rinse) or 5% cream to thoroughly saturate the pubic area. Allow to remain for 10 min and then rinse with water.

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