Estracon Tablet 0.625 mg

৳ 20.00

Menopausal vasomotor symptoms: 0.45 mg/day, up to 1.25 mg/day. Attempt to discontinue medication at 3-6-mth intervals.

Vulvular and vaginal atrophy: 0.3 mg/day.

Female hypogonadism: 0.3-0.625 mg/day in a cyclical regimen. Add progestin treatment once skeletal maturity is achieved.

Female castration, Primary ovarian failure: 1.25 mg/day in a cyclical regimen. Palliation in prostate carcinoma 1.25-2.5 mg 3 times/day.

Osteoporosis prophylaxis in postmenopausal women: Initial: 0.3 mg/day in a cyclical or continuous regimen depending on patient’s condition.

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