Filin Tablet 100 mg

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Chronic bronchospasm:

Adult: As hydrate: Initially, 225-450 mg bid, increased if necessary.
Child: >3 yr: As modified-release hydrate: 12 mg/kg daily increased to 24 mg/kg daily in 2 divided doses after 1 wk.

Acute severe bronchospasm:

Adult: Loading dose: 5 mg/kg (ideal body weight) or 250-500 mg (25 mg/ml) by slow inj or infusion over 20-30 min. Maintenance infusion dose: 0.5 mg/kg/hr. Max rate: 25 mg/min.
Child: Loading dose: same as adult dose. Maintenance dose: 6 mth-9 yr: 1 mg/kg/hr and 10-16 yr: 0.8 mg/kg/hr.
Elderly: Dose reduction may be necessary.
Hepatic impairment: Dose reduction may be necessary.

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