Flurazine 1 Tablet

Schizophrenia and other psychoses
Adults and child over 12 years: Recommended starting dose is 2-5 mg b.i.d, increased by 5 mg daily after 1 week then at interval of 3 days, according to response.
Children(6-12 years): Dosage should be adjusted to the weight of the child and severity of the symptoms. The starting dosage is 1 mg b.i.d. Dosage may be increased gradually until symptoms are controlled or until side effects become troublesome. While it is usually not necessary to exceed dosages of 15 mg daily.
Elderly: Reduce initial dose by at least half
Short-term management of severe anxiety
Adult and child over 12 years: 1-2 mg b.i.d, increased if necessary to 6 mg daily.
Child (3-5 years): 1 mg daily
Child (6-12 years): Up to 4 mg daily in divided dose.
Elderly: Reduce initial dose by at least half
2-4 mg daily in divided doses; max. 6 mg daily; child 3-5 years up to 1 mg daily, 6-12 years up to 4 mg daily.

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