Fluver Tablet 10 mg

Migraine: The recommended dose of Fluver® for migraine prophylaxis is 10mg orally once
daily in adults and 5-10mg once daily in children. If a patient responds satisfactorily to the
starting dose and if a maintenance treatment is required, the dose of Fluver® should be
decreased so that each week the patient has 5 days of treatment at the same daily dose of
Fluver® and 2 successive drug-free days. Even if the prophylactic treatment is successful
and well tolerated it should be interrupted after 6 months and reinitiated only if migraine
Vertigo and peripheral vascular disease: For vertigo, peripheral vascular disease and
refractory epilepsy, treatment with Fluver® is started with 10mg dose at bedtime for
patients younger than 65 years of age and with 5mg dose at bedtime for patients older than
65 years. For vertigo dosage should be increased up to 20mg three times daily and for
refractory epilepsy it should be increased up to 100mg daily with the maintenance dose
targeted to produce serum levels of 60 g/litre.

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