Inducin Injection 10 IU/ml

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Induction or Stimulation of Labor:
The standard solution for infusion of Oxytocin is prepared by adding the contents of one 1ml vial containing 10 units of Oxytocin to 1000 ml of infusion fluids. The combined solution containing 10 mU (1mU=0.001U) of Oxytocin/ml is rotated in the infusion bottle for thorough mixing.
The initial dose should be 0.5-1 mU/min (equal to 3-6 ml of the dilute Oxytocin solution per hour). At 30-60 minutes intervals the dose should be gradually increased in increments of 1-2 mU/min until the desired contraction pattern has been established. Once the desired frequency of contractions has been reached and labor has progressed to 5-6 cm dilation, the dose may be reduced by similar increments.
At term, higher infusion rates should be given with great care and rates exceeding 9-10 mU/min are rarely required.
Before term, when the sensitivity of the uterus is lower because of a lower concentration of Oxytocin receptors, a higher infusion rate may be required.
Control of Postpartum Uterine Bleeding:
Intravenous Infusion (Drip Method): To control postpartum bleeding, 10 to 40 units of Oxytocin may be added to the bottle, depending on the amount of infusion fluids solution remaining (maximum 40 units to 1000 ml). Adjust infusion rate to sustain uterine contraction and control uterine atony.
Intramuscular Administration: 1 mL (10 units) of Oxytocin can be given after the delivery of the placenta.
Treatment of Incomplete or Inevitable Abortion:
Intravenous infusion of 10 units of Oxytocin added to 500 ml of a 0.9% sodium chloride solution may help the uterus contract after a suction or sharp curettage for an incomplete, inevitable or elective abortion.
Subsequent to intra-amniotic injection of hypertonic saline, prostaglandins, urea etc., for mid trimester elective abortion, the injection-to-abortion time may be shortened by infusion of Oxytocin at the rate of 10 to 20 mU (20 to 40 drops) per minute. The total dose should not exceed 30 units in a 12-hour period due to the risk of water intoxication.

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