Inj K MM Injection

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Prophylaxis of vitamin K deficiency bleeding in neonates:
Child: Neonate: 0.5-1 mg, given as a single dose via IM inj. Alternatively, 2 mg may be given orally, followed by a 2nd dose of 2 mg after 4-7 days.
Adult: 0.5-5 mg via slow IV inj. Dose depends on INR and degree of haemorrhage.
Vitamin K deficiency bleeding in neonates:
Child: Infant: 1 mg by IV/IM/SC inj, further doses may be given if necessary
The size and frequency of further doses should be based on coagulation status.

Use in elderly: Elderly patients tend to be more sensitive to reversal of anticoagulation with Phytomenadione. The dosage for this patient group should therefore be at the lower end of the ranges recommended.