Inofar IV Injection

৳ 300.00

Adults and Elderly: 5-10 ml (100-200 mg Iron) once to three times a week depending on the hemoglobin level.

Iron Sucrose has exclusively to be administered intravenously by slow injection or by drip infusion or directly into the venous limb of the dialyzer. Iron Sucrose must not be used for intramuscular injection.

Children: There is limited data on children under study conditions. If there is a clinical need, it is recommended not to exceed 0.15 ml (3 mg Iron) per kg body weight once to three times per week depending on the haemoglobin level.

As injection: Iron Sucrose can also be administered undiluted by slow IV injection at a rate of 1 ml Iron Sucrose (20 mg Iron) in at least 1 minute a maximum of 10 ml Iron Sucrose (200 mg Iron) can be administered per injection in at least 10 minutes.

As infusion: Iron Sucrose should preferably be administered by drip infusion ( in order to reduce hypotensive episodes) in a dilution of 1 ml Iron Sucrose in maximum 20 ml 0.9% NaCl etc up to 25 ml Iron Sucrose in maximum 500 ml 0.9% NaCl. Dilution must take place immediately prior to infusion and solution must be administered as follows: 100 mg Iron in at least 15 minutes; 200 mg Iron in at least 30 minutes ete. Normal posology is to use 5-10 ml Iron Sucrose 1-3 times a week depending on the Hemoglobin level. For the administration of the maximum tolerable dose of 7 mg Iron/kg body weight an infusion time of at least 3.5 hours has to be respected, independently of the total dose.