Inophos 400 Tablet

The recommended starting dose of Sevelamer is 800 to 1600 mg, which can be administered as two to four 400 mg Sevelamer tablets, with meals based on serum phosphorus level.
Renophos400 Recommendation for the patients with hyperphosphatemia is given below-

Table 1. Starting dose of Renophos for dialysis patients not taking any phosphate binder.
Serum Phosphorus————Sevelamer 400 mg
> 5.5 and < 7.5 mg/dL ----2 tablets three times daily with meals ≥ 7.5 and < 9.0 mg/dL ----3 tablets three times daily with meals ≥ 9.0 mg/dL-----------------4 tablets three times daily with meals Table 2. Starting dose for dialysis patients switching from calcium acetate to Sevelamer. Calcium Acetate 667 mg---------- Sevelamer 400 mg (Tablets per meal)------------------ (Tablets per meal) 1 tablet--------------------------------2 tablets 2 tablets------------------------------3 tablets 3 tablets-----------------------5 tablets Dose titration for all patients taking Sevelamer: Dosage should be adjusted based on the serum phosphorus concentration with a goal of lowering serum phosphorus to 5.5 mg/dl or less. The dose may be increased or decreased by one tablet per meal at two week intervals as necessary. Table 3. Dose titration guideline Serum Phosphorus -------------Sevelamer dose > 5.5 mg/dL ———————-Increase 1 tablet per meal at 2 week intervals
3.5 – 5.5 mg/dL ——————Maintain current dose
< 3.5 mg/dL ----------------------Decrease 1 tablet per meal

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