Lactoride IV Infusion 50 ml

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The volume and rate of infusion will depend upon the requirements of the patients and the judgement of the physician. It usually varies with age, weight and clinical condition of the patient. The recommended flow rate is up to 100-drops/minute/70 kg body weight. In burn patients the dose of Hartmann’s solution according to the Parkland formula: 4 ml/kg body weight% of Body surface area (BSA) burn (e.g. for a 30% BSA burn of a person having 60 kg body weight, 4 x 60 x 30 ml = 7200 ml of Hartmann’s solution would be required in 24 hours). Half of this within 8 hr, the remainder over 16 hr. Administration Procedure:
Check infusion set and infusion solution prior to use
Pull moderately to tear off the protective cover of the Eurohead
Hold lightly the Eurohead but not the bag
Open the flow regulator fully and hold the giving set on the top white area, but not the membrane venting region
Insert the spike of the administration set to the Eurohead and fit the connector of the administration set firmly to the needle
Gradually allow the fluid to flow down to the needle tip and close
Remove the protective cover of the needle
Locate the veinpuncture site and clean the site with an antiseptic solution, and then insert the needle
Securely tape the puncture site
Securely tape the wings and tubing
Start infusion while adjusting drip speed

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