Losucon M 1/500 SR Tablet

The dosage of Losucon M 1/500 SR must be the lowest which is sufficient to achieve the desired metabolic control. During treatment with Glimepiride + Metformin combination tablet, glucose levels in blood and urine must be measured regularly. The initial recommended dose of Glimepiride + Metformin combination tablet is Glimepiride 1 mg+ Metformin HCL 500 mg one tablet once daily with breakfast or first main meal of the day. Starting dose for patients inadequately controlled on Glimepiride or Metformin monotherapy is Losucon M 1/500 SR once daily, and gradually titrated after assessing the therapeutic response. Titration: The daily dose must be titrated in increments of 1 tablet. The maximum recommended dose per day is 8 mg Glimepiride and 2000 mg Metformin. When switching from combination therapy of glimepiride plus metformin to separate tablets, Glimepiride and Metformin should be administered separately on the basis of dosage currently being taken. Due to the sustained-release formulation, Losucon M 1/500 SR must be swallowed whole and not crushed or chewed. When Glimepiride + Metformin combination tablet is used in combination or with insulin, a lower dose of the Glimepiride or insulin may be required to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.

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