Neotack Tablet 150mg

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(in Tablet form)

Prophylaxis of acid aspiration during general anaesthesia:

Adult: 150 mg given 2 hr before induction of anaesth, and preferably a dose of 150 mg on the previous evening. In obstetric patients at the start of labour, 150 mg may be given, and repeated 6 hrly if required.

H.pylori infection:

Adult: 300 mg daily at bedtime or 150 mg bid in combination with amoxicillin 750 mg and metronidazole 500 mg tid given for 2 wk. Treatment with ranitidine must be continued for a further 2 wk.

Benign gastric and duodenal ulceration:

Adult: Initially, 300 mg daily at bedtime or 150 mg bid for 4-8 wk; 300 mg bid for 4 wk may be used in duodenal ulcer to improved healing. Maintenance: 150 mg daily at bedtime. Max: 300 mg bid.
Child: 1 mth to 16 yr 4-8 mg/kg daily in 2 divided doses. Max: 300 mg/day. Treatment duration: 4-8 wk. Maintenance: 2-4 mg/kg once daily. Max: 150 mg/day.

Manufacturer: Square Pharmaceutical Ltd.

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