Pendoril 2 Tablet

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Hypertension: One Perindopril 4 tablet once daily preferably in the morning. If necessary, the dose may be increased to 8 mg after 1 month of treatment. Perindopril should be taken before food.

Stable coronary artery disease: Perindopril 4 once daily for two weeks, then increased to 8 mg once daily, depending on renal function and provided that the 4 mg dose is well tolerated. Elderly patients should receive Perindopril 2 mg once daily for one week, then Perindopril 4 once daily the next week, before increasing the dose up to 8 mg once daily, depending on renal, function. The dose should be increased only if the previous lower dose is well tolerated.

Congestive heart failure: Perindopril should be started under close medical supervision at a starting dose of 2 mg in the morning. If necessary dose may be increased to 4 mg.

Elderly patients: Start treatment at Perindopril 2 mg daily.

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