Perkirol Tablet 0.25 mg

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(in Tablet form)

Oral (Adult)-

Monotherapy in Parkinson’s disease: Initially, 250 mcg tid, may increase by 750 mcg at wkly intervals for the first 4 wk. Subsequent increments can be made in steps of 1.5 mg at wkly intervals up to 9 mg/day, then in steps of 3 mg at wkly intervals. Usual dose ranges from 3-9 mg daily. Max: 24 mg/day. Higher dose may be necessary if used in conjunction with levodopa. Gradual withdrawal is recommended.

Restless leg syndrome: Initially, 250 mcg daily for 2 days, taken 1-3 hr before bedtime. May increase to 500 mcg daily for the next few days. Subsequent increments may be made in steps of 500 mcg at wkly intervals until 3 mg daily is reached. Max: 4 mg daily.

Manufacturer: Square Pharmaceutical Ltd.

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