Pilogen Tablet 5 mg

৳ 10.00

For Head & Neck Cancer Patients: The recommended initial dose of pilocarpine hydrochloride tablets is one tablet taken three times a day. Dosage should be titrated according to therapeutic response and tolerance. The maximum daily dose is 30 mg daily (Not to exceed 10 mg per dose). Therapy should be discontinued if no improvement is noted after 2-3 months of therapy.

For Sjogren’s syndrome: The recommended dose of Pilocarpine HCl tablets is one tablet (5 mg) four times a day. Efficacy was established by 6 weeks of use.

Pilocarpine tablet should be taken with a glass of water during or directly after meals. The last tablet should always be taken in conjunction with evening meal.Regardless of the indication, the starting dose in patients with moderate hepatic impairment should be one tablet twice daily, followed by adjustment based on therapeutic response and tolerability. Patients with mild hepatic insufficiency do not require dosage reductions.