Pramin Tablet 25 mg

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Depression: Initially up to 75 mg daily in divided doses increased gradually to 150-200 mg (up to 300 mg in hospital); up to 150 mg may be given as a single dose at bed time; elderly, initially 10 mg daily, increased gradually to 30-50 mg daily; child not recommended for depression.

Panic attack: Initially 10-25 mg/day, depending on how the medication is tolerated, raise the dose until the desired response is obtained. The daily doses required vary greatly from patient to patient, between 75-150 mg, if necessary it can be increased to 200 mg.

Nocturnal enuresis (Child):
7 years: 25 mg
8 to 11 years: 20-50 mg
Over 11 years: 50-75 mg at bedtime; max. period of treatment (Including gradual withdrawal) is 3 months; full physical examination is required before further course.

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