Racetril 10 Oral Suspension

৳ 7.00

Adults: One capsule initially, regardless of the time of day. Then one capsule three times daily preferably before the main meals.

Children (from 3 months of age): Racecadotril granules should be administered together with oral rehydration. The recommended dose is determined according to body weight: 1.5 mg/kg per administration, three times daily.
Infants less than 9 kg: one 10 mg sachet 3 times daily.
Infants from 9 kg to 13 kg: two 10 mg sachets 3 times daily.
Children from 13 kg to 27 kg: one 30mg sachet 3 times daily.
Children of more than 27 kg: two 30mg sachets 3 times daily.