Terbifin Cream

Adult: 250 mg once daily for 2-4 wk in tinea cruris, 6 wk for tinea pedis, 4 wk for tinea corporis and 6-12 wk for nail infections.
Child: 10-20 kg: 62.5 mg; 20-40 kg: 125 mg; >40 kg: 250 mg. Doses to be taken once daily. Treatment is usually given for 2 wk for tinea capitis; 2-4 wk for tinea cruris; 4 wk for tinea corporis; 6 wk in tinea pedis; 6-12 wk for nail infections.
Adult: Apply a 1% cream/solution once or bid. 1-2 wk to treat tinea corporis and tinea cruris; 1-wk course is for tinea pedis; 2-wk course in cutaneous candidiasis and pityriasis versicolor

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