Ticacard 90 Tablet

Ticacard treatment should be initiated with a single 180 mg loading dose (two tablets of 90 mg) and then continued at 90 mg twice daily. Patients taking Ticacard should also take aspirin daily, unless specifically contraindicated. Following an initial dose of aspirin (usually 325 mg), Ticacard should be used with a maintenance dose of aspirin of 75-100 mg. Maintenance dose of aspirin above 100 mg decreased the efficacy of Ticacard. So, maintenance dose of aspirin above 100 mg should be avoided. A patient who misses a dose of Ticacard should take only one 90 mg tablet (their next dose) at its scheduled time. Patients treated with clopidogrel can be directly switched to Ticacard if needed. Switching from prasugrel to ticagrelor has not been investigated. Treatment is recommended for up to 12 months unless discontinuation of Ticacard is clinically indicated. Ticacard can be administered with or without food.

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